The Kooks Gig 22/11/14

Yesterday night I went to see The Kooks with my boyfriend and another couple. The night was so much fun! Their support was Walking On Cars who I really enjoyed; I will definitely be using the download coupon they were handing out before the gig! When The Kooks came on the entire crowd was already buzzing due to some sing-along favourites being played in the space of time between the two bands, including Hey Jude and Another Brick in the Wall! They played a fantastic mixture of old and new songs and the atmosphere was fantastic, everyone was dancing and singing every word along with them! The room got extremely hot because everyone was so close together but we forgot all about the discomfort as soon as the music started. Some of my favourites included West Side, Ooh La, She Moves in Her Own Way and Seaside, and their encore included two classic favourites; Junk of the Heart and Naive. The Kooks were a fantastic band to see live and are up there in some of my favourite gigs; their performance was great and the atmosphere was amazing!


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