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When I say bitching, I am talking about people talking about other people behind their backs in a mean or hurtful way. I couldn't think of a more appropriate word to describe what this article is going to be about but I apologise for the swearing.
I have been the victim of a lot of bitching in the past, and I have also been the perpetrator (even if I didn't realise it at the time) but recently my outlook on everything regarding the topic has changed as I have matured. In my high school, it was normal for people to talk about other people; it was the main subject of conversation and that was a natural and widespread thing. People were often very hurt by comments others had made and it ended in lots of fall-outs and confrontation.
I was thinking about it last night, after reading certain comments  that I won't mention so as to not spark any controversy, but I realised that when you say something overly negative about someone else behind their back, completely unprovoked, it actually reflects far worse on you than it does on them. What I mean by this is the people you are talking to will listen and possibly even agree with you at the time, but if somebody is overly negative and critical, it is never attractive. Who would want to be friends with you if all you talk about to them is your other "friends" who you actually secretly dislike and have lots of opinions on why they're such awful people? It just makes people think that you'll do exactly the same behind their backs. Also, if an outsider overhears your snide comments, they're going to judge you more than they judge whoever you're talking about.
To bring this a little more into context, if you are posting "indirect tweets" about somebody, you are wasting your own time to negatively comment on somebody else for no real reason, online. Online means it is PUBLIC and can never really be completely erased. Although I am aware I have regretfully done this in the past, now when I see people do it, I can almost laugh at their stupidity. People will do anything for attention, even if it means bringing somebody else down for no reason. If you spent the time you spend bitching about people on improving your outlook on life, chances are that you would realise how petty and insignificant but extremely childish your words and actions are. If you really think out what you are saying, you would probably realise that there is little to no truth in it, and it could hurt people's feelings. This might be what you want. However, how would you feel if people were bitching about you? And if they already do, don't you think you could reduce it by stopping your retaliation? If you are nice to people, they will find it difficult to find flaws to bitch about.
So the saying is true that you should treat people how you would like to be treated; if we stop bitching about each other and instead direct that energy on being a positive and happy person, other people will follow in our footsteps and in a small way, the world will be a tiny bit better.


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